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Cardi graced us with "Bodak Yellow" inwhich subsequently made us all tend to our side hustles in the hopes of making "money moves. This weekend, Wat want to use some of the best Cardi B lyrics for your Instagram captionsbecause your feed needs all youge fire flames. Seriously, your followers and Saturday night snapshots deserve only the best from yet another queen bee. The rapper's debut album Invasion of Privacy dropped on April 6, As always, fans immediately decoded all of the lyricswondering which ones are directly related to all the Offset rumors from January Not to mention, her and Offset worked through the situation and are still happily married and raising their daughter, Kulture, together.

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You haven't, have you? And did you see my second goal? I'm not gonna injure myself giirly because boys like it. Well, that's good.

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Put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care! Her birthday's lloking same time as mine. I'm just getting dressed. Yeah, yeah, it was fun.

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What's that? What do you mean, like elastic bands? Why do you call them nunganungas? Hey, Jubbly.

Honey, it must've been really hard for you to come to my office. Robbie loves cats and so do I. Migos " 8. Dishy lookinv nutritious. Must be that whip that I ordered and a new crib for my daughter.

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It was a great honour for him to get that promotion. But we said we'd all go as hors d'oeuvres to be original. She is a mature, sophisticated woman called Ms Georgia Nicolson. So, are you glad you moved to Eastbourne? That's not what it looked like.

What youve been looking for girly

You've really pissed off a lot of people. I just thought that because you've been bern tight tops and more lippy, and it looked like you and Jem were I was gutted. You did a big fat tongue sandwich, didn't you?

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Are you sure you got the right address? You were playing absolutely brilliantly. What was it you wanted to say to Mr Hunter?

Jas helped me organise the whole thing. It's kind of lesbiany.

Twice as mingy. It's either her, sad olive girl who gets everything wrong, or me, the woman who's so perfect for you. Well, at least you know he doesn't think you're a lesbian. We weren't quite sure when the right time to do this Forr and I are there.

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Georgia, don't start, not tonight. I may be moving away. I keep it in check, papi. Hi, I'm back.

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It was a laugh. Although not from Robbie's shop. Love to. So, are you saying I have to be more like her?

You're just a big, fat, minging minger with huge knickers and a ginormous schnozzle! I'll call you. And don't worry too much. That's all right. six. Or the '70s as you call it. But I'm not going out with him. My next client's here. Oh, Georgia, I wish you'd stop messing about with yourself for one minute. First I ask his mate, Dave the Laugh, to the gig. Dave, you make me laugh like a loon on loon tablets.

Oh, my God! Are you Peter Dyer?

All I know is, he was from Saliva City. Jem's boyfriend owns this club.